20:56 / 16.03.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Plenković in Madrid on drone crash: This could have been any European capital

Prime ministers Plenković and Sanchez

Prime ministers Plenković and Sanchez

Foto: Juan Medina / Reuters

During a visit to Spain on Wednesday, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković addressed the crash of a military drone in Croatia last week and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Before meeting with his host, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister Plenković made a stop at NATO's Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejón. There he spoke with the commander of the base, Lieutenant General Fernando De La Cruz. One of the key issues they discussed was last Thursday's crash of a Soviet-era military drone in Zagreb, which luckily did not cause any deaths or injuries. Croatia has raised concerns about why neither NATO nor its neighbors and allies Hungary and Romania warned Croatia the aircraft was headed its way. It is still unclear to whom the aircraft belongs.

"I think it is important for the Spanish public and media to understand that Croatia is still under the influence of this grave incident that occurred last Thursday during our European Council meeting in Versailles, when an armed drone, which was carrying explosives, fell literally in the middle of our capital, Zagreb, flying over one thousand kilometers from Ukrainian territory, through Romanian and Hungarian airspace, and fell 50 meters from the biggest student dormitory in the center of Zagreb," said Plenković during a press conference with Sanchez.

Plenković said Croatia was still investigating the incident.

"This could have been any other European capital. We all need to remain alert in the context of Russia's invasion into Ukraine,” he added.

He said both Croatia and Spain were united in the condemnation of the invasion and in support of sanctions targeting Russia.

"Nobody wants this war except one person. I think it is also very important to share that we do not have anything against the Russian population but we all have something against the regime of one person and the war of one person, Vladimir Putin," said Prime Minister Sanchez.

Sanchez added that it was important that the EU provide humanitarian assistance and military capability to a country that is suffering from an illegal and unjustified invasion.

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