18:24 / 08.01.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Picula: International community likely to push-back election law reform deadline for BiH

MEP Tonino Picula

MEP Tonino Picula

Foto: Goran Stanzl / PIXSELL

Speaking for Croatia Radio on Saturday the Croatian Member of European Parliament from the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats commented on the situation with election law reform in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatian MEP Tonino Picula (S&D/SDP) said that with 2022 being an election year in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is plenty of reason for concern. He said that personally he is most concerned that various chronic crises in that country overlap with an election year. Picula added that the key issue is that one of the pillars of every parliamentary democracy is absent in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that is a new election law: “Time is ticking away. I think that the international community is in a way likely to push back the set deadlines for the adoption of a new election law to ensure that the elections are fair and that they can even be held at all. I think that the deadline will be pushed back in the end, but that pressure on Sarajevo will be increased over the next month or two. Whether or not the United States will play the central role in that process, and we can see that they are making some moves in the Balkan region, and whether or not the European Union will join in that process, is difficult to forecast right now.”

The existing election law in Bosnia and Herzegovina discriminates against the Croat population there, as it allows Bosnian Muslims to elect political representatives for the Croat people, one of the three constituent peoples in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Meanwhile, Bosnian Muslim leader Bakir Izetbegović, says that the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina will worsen after the imposition of American sanctions on Bosnian Serb leader, Milorad Dodik. Izetbegović says Dodik will definitely oppose the West and further radicalize the situation, which must, in return, result in even more decisive action by the United States, Britain and the European Union.

Source: HRT

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