20:17 / 26.07.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Pelješac Bridge boosts Croatia-China cooperation, says ambassador

Chinese Ambassador to Croatia, Qi Qianjin

Chinese Ambassador to Croatia, Qi Qianjin

Foto: Miroslav Lelas / Pixsell

Pelješac Bridge is a prominent project for promoting Chinese equipment, technology and know-how in the construction industry in Croatia and globally, and it will deepen mutually beneficial relations between China and Croatia and the EU, China's ambassador to Croatia told Xinhua News Agency.

The project has been supported and followed with great interest and appreciation by the leaders of both China and Croatia, Ambassador Qi Qianjin told Xinhua, as reported by China Daily on Tuesday.

He praised Chinese enterprises that have overcome the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and completed the project on schedule.

The diplomat called Pelješac Bridge a symbol of the fruitful cooperation between China and Croatia within the framework of a broader cooperation scheme between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (China-CEEC Cooperation).

Qi was quoted by Xinhua as saying that the bridge, the largest infrastructure project undertaken so far by China in Croatia, was a symbol of good cooperation between China and Europe.

The project greatly contributed to economic growth in Croatia and more broadly in Europe, as it employed over 250 local people, while it also helped to cultivate engineering, technical and management skills, thus effectively driving the development of local enterprises and promoting Croatia's economic and social development, Qi said.

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