12:40 / 09.06.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Parliament on material reserves and work of the State Audit Office

Parliament in session

Parliament in session

Foto: HTV / HRT

Croatian Parliament debated the status and management of material reserves for 2020 and the work of the State Audit Office in the past year.

Various crises and natural disasters that have affected us in recent years have brought material reserves into the public spotlight.

The year 2020 was especially demanding due to the earthquakes in Zagreb and Banovina and the COVID epidemic.

“Despite that, the Directorate for Material Reserves in that year realized a surplus of revenues over expenditures of about 63 million kuna,” the report states.

The total value of goods in reserves, strategic and market, on 31 December 2020 was 525 million kuna, which is 2.3% less than in 2019. The decrease was due to the sale of market reserves of petroleum products in 2020.

In the structure of strategic material reserves in 2020, the highest value consisted of wheat (20%), multipurpose tanks, corn, Eurodiesel, beef, sugar, tents and mobile dams, water pumps, pork and canned fish.

In that year, strategic material reserves worth a total of 465 million kuna were procured, mostly related to the urgent procurement of protective equipment needed to prevent the spread of COVID.

Since mid-February 2020, the Directorate for Material Reserves has been actively involved in the procurement and delivery of protective equipment and supplies to protect health from this disease.

Huge work of the State Audit Office

The report on the work of the State Audit Office for 2021 reveals that the office did a huge job that year, 254 audits were completed, while 45, which started last year, will be completed this year. 229 financial audits, 21 performance audits and four compliance audits were performed. The audits covered 771 entities.

“All these audits provide reliable information to Parliament and the public on how the subjects of audits used public money, or whether they operated in accordance with regulations,” pointed out the Chief State Auditor Ivan Klešić.

Source: HRT

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