19:27 / 01.06.2021.

Author: HRT

Parliament debates motion to dismiss Health Minister

Social Democratic Party leader Peđa Grbin

Social Democratic Party leader Peđa Grbin

Foto: Patrik Macek / PIXSELL

Problems with vaccinations, favoritism in public procurement, debts, lack of reform and political staffing, are the reasons cited by the parliamentary opposition in their request for the dismissal of Minister of Health Vili Beros. 

At the same time, they do not only blame the minister of health but also the prime minister, claiming they are both responsible for making Croatia an abnormal country.

A debate on the motion was held in parliament today.

“Vaccinations were conducted through connections, people were vaccinated ahead of order. Perhaps I'm mistaken, and there was no order. Debts in healthcare, suspension of medicine deliveries to hospitals, corrupt public procurement, would be enough for the Minister of Health to leave in a normal country. In Croatia it's not. Why? Because Croatia, thanks to you Minister Beroš, but more than you, thanks to Mister Plenković, is more and more becoming an abnormal country,” said Social Democratic Party leader Peđa Grbin.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković responded saying that Minister Vili Beroš will remain a minister in the government together with the entire team and continue the fight.

“I can only pose the question asking if we live in the same country. Criticism based on untruths and constructions are for the highest condemnation,” said Minister of health Vili Beroš.

“In the middle of such a health threat, this minister and this ministry used the opportunity to give certain jobs to their friends, like the job for the "Get Vaccinated" system,” said Peđa Grbin.

MP Dalija Orešković from the Centre party asked if accusations are true saying that the political leadership intervened in staffing at a hospital in Zagreb, to which Prime Minister Andrej Plenković responded that, like a series of parliamentary representatives, she is evidently under the influence of rumors.

Voting on the motion to dismiss the minister is expected to take place tomorrow.

Source: HRT

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