19:00 / 03.02.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Opposition MPs say epidemiological measures are political

Health Minister Vili Beroš

Health Minister Vili Beroš

Foto: Patrik Macek / PIXSELL

The Croatian Health minister presented a report on the impact and effectiveness of epidemiological measures introduced by the National Civil Protection Directorate for the period between September 1st and December 31st to MPs in parliament on Thursday. The issue was also discussed at the cabinet session.

The number of new positive coronavirus test results in Croatia continues to decline. The current epidemiological situation in the country was addressed by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković at the opening of Thursday’s cabinet session: "In spite of the large number of new infections, we are still seeing 20 percent less infections than last week. I think that we have to continue with vaccination. Right now 2.3 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, while 800 thousand have received the booster dose. I also call on everyone to adhere to the epidemiological measures, because only through a combination of vaccination and adhering to measures can we ensure that there are as few infections as possible."

Meanwhile, Education Minister Radovan Fuchs announced today that the testing of students will begin when the Directorate for National Reserves delivers the tests to schools. The testing program will be implemented in three stages: "After that we would only test in classrooms where there is a student who has tested positive. If there aren't any positive students in a classroom, then they wouldn't be tested at home. And obviously, the third and final step would be the elimination of self-testing and everything. So, if someone is sick they would remain at home, if not they go to school!"

Health Minister Vili Beroš presented a report on the effects of epidemiological measures against coronavirus for the last quarter of 2021 to parliament today. And while the minister maintained that the measures were based in science, vaccination and adhering to epidemiological measures, opposition MPs questioned the logic of the measures.

"You never implemented epidemiological measures, they were entirely political measures. Let's abolish these COVID-certificates," said MOST MP Marija Selak Raspudić.

"COVID-certificates didn't have any effect in terms of reducing the spread of the virus, and now you're going after our kids," added Marijan Pavliček from the Croatian Sovereigntists Party.

Source: HRT

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