19:31 / 30.03.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Opposition meets reshuffle announcement with call for snap election

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković

Foto: Dubravka Petric / PIXSELL

The opposition has met Prime Minister Andrej Plenković announcement that he was planning a cabinet reshuffle with calls for a snap election.

The two government’s Prime Minister Plenković has led have been plagued with legal scandals that resulted in the departure of more than a dozen ministers. In this latest reshuffle, it is unclear who is out and who is in. People close to the PM have declined to comment on Wednesday.

"He (the Prime Minister) is going to decide, in these times of great crisis, what needs to be done to refresh the government and to continue to lead until the end of his term," Culture and Media Minister Nina Obuljen Koržinek told Croatian Radio.

SDP MP Arsen Bauk says the government has no legitimacy and the PM has done a terrible job of picking his team.

"Prime Minister Plenković has proven to be an unsurpassable talent in making poor cabinet choices and now he'll get the chance to prove it once again. That's not going to bring about anything positive for Croatia but it will ensure he doesn't have to answer questions that make him uncomfortable,” Bauk said

Most leader Božo Petrov says the PM is afraid to confront the real problems in his government.

"He is still afraid of what people in Croatia think and this fear drives him to keep changing people up."

Croatian Sovereigntist Marijan Pavliček pointed out that more members of the Plenković government have left due to suspected corruption or formal corruption charges than the cabinet of Ivo Sanader, whose name in Croatia is widely regarded as synonymous with corruption.

The leader of the HDZ in parliament, Branko Bačić, says the government still has the firm support of the majority.

"While they are looking for cracks in the ruling majority when there are none, the coalition between Možemo! and the SDP in Zagreb is failing. In Split, the coalition that supported the mayor is also crumbling. The opposition should really address its own problems,” Bačić said.

Asked about some of the names being floated in relation to the re-shuffle, Bačić declined to disclose any details and said all would be revealed in time.

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