18:51 / 08.07.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Non-vaccinated workers must not face political pressure, says union leader



Foto: Pixabay / Pixabay

The Croatian Employers' Association said on Thursday it was unfair and incorrect to impose vaccination as an obligation on entrepreneurs and to use it as a precondition for government aid and job-retention measures.

The association called on the authorities to come up with a model that would encourage citizens to get vaccinated without imposing additional administrative obligations on entrepreneurs.

Commenting on the government's plans to link vaccinations with financial aid, social partners maintain that employers have no legal basis to force their workers to get vaccinated or even check whether they are vaccinated or not.

"People have the right not to get vaccinated because vaccinations are still voluntary. In this way, non-vaccinated persons must not suffer any political or social pressure to get vaccinated," said union leader Krešimir Sever.

After Wednesday's initial meeting between the government and social partners, Labour Minister Josip Aladrović said he hoped to reach a consensus on job-retention measures at a meeting next week.

He said the country could not afford another lockdown that would additionally burden the budget and the economy, adding that it was time to 'separate those who are responsible from those who are irresponsible'.

"I repeat once again, the aid measures will continue. The only question is how we will define the criteria. The government firmly believes that receiving aid must be based on the personal responsibility of citizens," said Aladrović

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