18:29 / 27.03.2023.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

New boats to boost emergency medical services



Foto: Hrvoje Jelavic / Pixell

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure and the Croatian Institute for Emergency Medicine, acquired the first of six emergency maritime medical service boats at a ceremony in Šibenik earlier today.

The boats, which are designed to provide better emergency medical assistance along the coast and the islands, are part of a project worth 10.1 million euros secured from EU grants and the state budget.

Health Minister Vili Beroš said the SAR1 (Search and Rescue boat) would be used in situations ranging from "emergency medical situations at sea to search and rescue operations following maritime accidents".

"These boats are fitted with all the latest safety equipment. I think these boats will provide us with exactly what we need, and that is an added dose of security, and not just for our citizens but for tourists as well.

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