19:53 / 18.09.2023.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Možemo candidate for PM comes under fire for declaration of assets

Možemo MP Sandra Benčić

Možemo MP Sandra Benčić

Foto: Patrik Macek / PIXSELL

Late last Friday night the opposition Možemo Party council chose Sandra Benčić, one of the party’s two coordinators, to be their candidate for prime minister at the next parliamentary elections.

Member of Parliament and the Možemo Party's candidate for prime minister at the 2024 elections, Sandra Benčić, has come under fire for failing to properly fill in her declaration of assets, which is a misdemeanor. Along with failing to report the fact that she is paying rent, Benčić also did not denote the fact that her company's account has been frozen over a three hundred euro debt. Here's what she told the media on Monday: "I pay my landlord five hundred and eighty euros a month for rent, and it wasn't clear to me whether or not I have to list that under financial obligations on my declaration of assets. It's clear that I have to denote what I receive as income, because we rent out our smaller apartment and that is income, and we declared that. However, it wasn't clear whether or not I have to declare the fact that we pay rent. Obviously I will correct that oversight."

However, for MOST MP Nino Raspudić, the fact that this comes only two after Benčić had called out Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan Grlić Radman for failing to declare revenues from dividends, is a clear sign of hypocrisy on her part: "This is hypocritical, regardless of the fact that there is a massive disproportion here. Hegel described this as quantity transitioning into quality, clearly three hundred euros and two million euros are not the same thing. But, if you demand maximum transparency from everyone else, then you should be able to do offer the same."

Meanwhile, the HDZ commented on Benčić's candidacy for prime minister, noting that anyone with a failed company and no history of meaningful employment is a farcical choice to lead the country. HDZ member of the Zagreb City Council, Mislav Herman: "We don't trust Sandra Benčić, we think that she is a disastrous candidate for Prime Minister. We think that, as with Tomislav Tomašević, it would once again be her first real job in her life, which, considering the responsibility of the job towards the citizens, we simply find unacceptable."

The next parliamentary elections in Croatia will be held on or before July 22nd of next year, at which voters will elect the members of the 11th assembly of Croatian Parliament.

Source: HRT

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