19:29 / 16.06.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Možemo and SDP strike deal to form majority in Zagreb

Tomislav Tomašević and Peđa Grbin

Tomislav Tomašević and Peđa Grbin

Foto: HTV / HRT

The party of Zagreb’s new Mayor, Možemo, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Social Democrats in the Zagreb City Assembly, allowing them to form a majority, when the new assembly holds its inaugural session on Thursday. 

Mayor Tomislav Tomašević and SDP leader Peđa Grbin have agreed to cooperate on a variety of issues.

“After a very constructive conversation, we reached a deal and signed an agreement on policy cooperation, that is, a coalition between the Možemo and the SDP. It comprises 28 policy goals that we, as the ruling majority in the City Assembly, want and pledge to achieve during our four-year term,” said Tomašević.

The policy goals include issues related to earthquake reconstruction, transparency and reforms within the city administration, culture, education, social and housing policy, environmental issues, waste management, water management, transportation and more, the Mayor said.

The deal also includes an agreement on how they will allocate political positions within the city assembly. The speaker’s seat will go to the SDP, while Možemo and its partners will get the two deputy-speaker positions. They have also agreed to allocate 14 committee chair positions to Možemo and four to the SDP.

The partners will evaluate their progress on these goals annually, Tomašević added.

SDP leader Peđa Grbin said the agreement was an investment in the future.

“Zagreb is overflowing with problems that must be solved immediately. They cannot be solved if the elected mayor, who has earned the trust of the electorate, does not have the opportunity to have his proposals firmly supported in the City Assembly, Grbin said.

Tomašević will have the majority he needs to govern but he is already in hot water with the Conflict of Interest Commission. He won the election vowing to root out corruption and to uphold transparency but he has been accused of naming members of the board of the city's services corporation, Zagrebački holding, without a public job listing and transparent selection process. The move has prompted the Commission to investigate. According to the Commission, the law states that any nominees must first be cleared by the City Assembly. Tomašević argues that the body had not been constituted and that emergency action had to be taken given the alarming state of Zagrebački holding.

"The decision was perfectly legal and in line with established practices," he said.

Political rival, Davor Filipović, who ran for mayor as the HDZ candidate, says Tomašević did not follow the law. Tomašević ran on a transparency platform and was now failing to adhere to that promise, Filipović alleges. Tomašević's allies said the choice was within the scope of the mayor's executive powers but critics pointed out that if one runs on a particular promise, one should keep it.

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