18:28 / 24.01.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

MOST party submits signatures for referendum

MOST party submits signatures to parliament Speaker

MOST party submits signatures to parliament Speaker

Foto: HTV / HRT

The MOST party submitted signatures and a request to call a referendum in order to revoke COVID certificates, but also to transfer powers from the National Civil Protection Headquarters to Parliament. They claim they collected more than 400,000 signatures for both referendum initiatives. 

In 82 boxes, members of the MOST party handed over 410,533 signatures to the Parliament Speaker for the referendum initiative titled "Let's Decide Together", and 409,219 for the "Enough" initiative. MOST party leader, Božo Petrov, said that this is a victory for citizens.

“I think that with this a perfectly clear message has been sent to the government and the Constitutional Court on what people in Croatia expect. They expect a referendum. What I demand of the government, I'm not requesting but demanding and insisting, that at least in the same amount of time we took to count the signatures, they count the signatures and initiate a referendum,” said Petrov.

The procedure of counting signatures and checking their validity is now underway.

“When the government has done this, it returns information back to the Parliament Speaker, whether there are enough signatures to call a referendum or not,” said Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković, explaining how the procedure will continue.

Jandroković added that when the signatures are counted there will be observers, so that neither side can question the legitimacy of the proceedings.

“I am of the stance that the Committee on the Constitution, Standing Orders and the Political System, will forward to the plenary session a request for the Constitutional Court to provide an opinion on whether or not the questions are in accordance with the constitution,” said Jandroković.

However, Nikola Grmoja expects that the questions will pass a review of constitutionality.

“I think that the Constitutional Court listens all too well to the pulse of the Croatian people and it is clear to them how many people signed these two referendum initiatives. I'm not sure the court will have the courage to take down these referendum initiatives,” said Grmoja.

Independent MP and member of the MOST club of representatives, Nino Raspudić, noted under what conditions the collection of signatures took place.

“When we began this referendum initiative and did all of this, we didn't have any calculations. We had the entire governing majority against us, an incorrect approach by a good portion of the media, and in a very ugly manner the entire left opposition in parliament,” said Raspudić.

Marija Selak Raspudić, on the other hand, is convinced that COVID certificates will be revoked before the referendum is called.

“Because the governing party surely wouldn't like a version in which it turns out to be, not a victory of these initiatives, but a victory of Croatian citizens, which they don't see as an expression of democracy, but rather a slap to the face of their policies, which, let's be realistic, for everything they did during this pandemic, they truly deserve,” said Selak Raspudić.

“Therefore let's stop harassing citizens and burdening the health care system,” concluded Selak Raspudić.

Source: HRT

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