21:28 / 18.12.2021.


Most makes final push in Covid pass referendum drive

Final day for collection of signatures in MOST referendum initiative

Final day for collection of signatures in MOST referendum initiative

Foto: Marko Lukunic / PIXSELL

Saturday is the final day for Most to collect signatures for their referendum to end Covid passes and transfer authority over managing the pandemic to lawmakers. 

The organizers claimed on Saturday that turnout had been excellent throughout the country but declined to say how many signatures they have collected. Most needs around 370 thousand valid signatures to meet the petition requirement.

Most MP Marin Miletić was very enthusiastic about the referendum’s prospects.

“We know everything but give us some time to gather all the petitions. We'll be working until midnight tonight and then we'll call a press conference mid-week. You can tell by the expression on my face, the energy coming off of me, that I am very happy," Miletić told reporters in Zagreb.

Most seeks to end the EU Digital Certificate requirement that has been mandated by Croatia’s Civil Defense Task Force, the body tasked with managing the pandemic. Covid passes are required for all public sector workers and anyone entering a government building, including post offices. To qualify for a Covid pass, the bearer must be fully vaccinated, have recovered from Covid within the last six months or have a negative test. Croatia also recognizes a doctor-issued certificate showing that the holder has had Covid within the last year.

According to Most, Covid passes are discriminatory. They also believe that the national Covid task force should not have the power to regulate matters of “personal freedom”.

Submitting the required number of signatures is not the only hurdle Most will have to clear. Each of the signatures will have to be verified. There is also the possibility that the referendum’s two questions will be sent for review to the Constitutional Court, which could strike one or both down.

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