20:04 / 21.06.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Minister Brnjac: 2022 tourism season looking very good



Foto: Ilustracija / Pixabay

Croatia's tourism industry is experiencing a strong recovery this year, says Minister Nikolina Brnjac. The data has shown that despite soaring inflation, travel is in high demand.

"We are now at 94% of overnight stays in 2019 and just June of this year is already some 4-5% better,” Brnjac said on Tuesday.

She underscored that one of the best indicators of how much revenue was coming in was fiscalized receipts, which are tracked automatically be the tax administration when issued by a business. They show that sales are up by 20% from 2019.

The ministry is also turning to long-term strategic goals, that is, green and digital transformation, Brnjac added.

Croatia could rake in record revenues from tourism this year, surpassing the pre-pandemic 2019 season, says Prime Minister Andrej Plenković

"All of the indicators related to tourism and sales are very encouraging. I'd venture to say we are headed for another record tourism season," said Plenković during Tuesday’s cabinet meeting.

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