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Author: Branko Lozančić

Milanović: There is a government in Belgrade that talks about a "Serbian world"

President Zoran Milanović

President Zoran Milanović

Foto: HTV / HRT

After marking the 30th anniversary of the Croatian Navy, the President of the Republic Zoran Milanović answered journalists' questions about Germany, tacit minuses, the Supreme Court, the Security Intelligence Agency (SOA), and the census. Speaking about the SOA report, he said that he receives very extensive information from it, but that he must not talk about it and that he is not worried. We have an unresolved situation in the region, there is a government in Belgrade that talks about a "Serbian world", he said, among other things.

On SOA warnings about threats, primarily Greater Serbian

“There are things we can control and things we can't control and things we don't know. Croatia can be calmer than ever. We have power. Power equals territory. It’s a big thing and an obligation. We need to invest in the military, otherwise we will not be able to maintain everything we procure. It’s not just planes, its ammunition, supplies, it all has to have a background. It is not just for demonstration, but also, God forbid, for use. The situation in Kosovo does not directly threaten us, but we are watching it. It will be difficult for both Belgrade and Kosovo to progress towards the European Union in such a guard. Kosovo has not yet been recognized by everyone, not even EU members. It is an obstacle that we have been looking at for years and it is difficult to overcome, I call for de-escalation,” said the president.

Milanović: There is a government in Belgrade that talks about a "Serbian world"

“I call on Croats every time to be rational, if they do not live in Croatia. Look around you a little so you don't offend your neighbor. Be aware of who you are, what you are, keep your tradition, your name, but you may live in Subotica. And Subotica in 1900, had 100,000 inhabitants (Split 15,000, Zagreb 60,000), and half of them were Bunjevci Croats. So the largest Croatian city, but it did not survive because it was far away and was not in the motherland, it was not destined. Is Subotica in a "Croatian world" I ask? It is larger than almost all communities inhabited by Serbs in Croatia in the province. But Subotica is not in a "Croatian world" and I cannot claim that and make ambiguous statements. That is the Republic of Serbia, Vojvodina. Croats live there and there are no more than 50% of them,” explained Zoran Milanović.

Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milanović considers the situation in Montenegro to be serious, in which some politicians and their supporters do not want Montenegro as an independent state.

“In that NATO member, Croatia's neighboring country, the situation is such that part of the political parties of Montenegro are directly accountable to the authorities in Belgrade,” he said.

“Unlike Montenegro, Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina see Sarajevo as their capital and care about Bosnia and Herzegovina and care about being represented as a constituent people by the politician they elected,” he stressed.

Milanović, as well as the government of the Republic of Croatia, advocates an amendment to the election law in Bosnia and Herzegovina which would prevent the outvoting of the minority, Croat people, which resulted in Croats not electing the current member of the three-member presidency Željko Komšić as the representative of the Croat people.

“Compared to Montenegro, the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is regulated and those who cause problems for Croats do not understand how simple the solution is,” said Milanović.

Comment on the elections in Germany

“These are not victories from 20 years ago when Schroeder won, as well as Merkel. Those were percentages over 35%, these are now thin victories, there has been a rearrangement, that is, a new balance of power on the German political scene”, said Milanović.

“Apparently, as things stand now, there will be a three-member coalition, led by the Social Democrats, but nothing significant will change in the policy towards Europe and Croatia,” believes Milanović.

Passive overdraws

“The Croatian National Bank is dealing with this, but it is also a political issue and it should be the job of the government, the Government and the Parliament. It is nice that the Croatian National Bank takes care of consumers, but the Consumer Protection Act is passed by some other bodies. The Croatian National Bank should take care of the stability of banks, and this is about the stability of people and families, and that is the job of the Government. I am confident a solution will be found,” said the President.

He added that banks should be given direction on what they can and cannot do. “Because if they are allowed to work on their own, they will always take from you. They will invent fees, a fee for getting up with the left foot, a blink of an eye, and so on,” he said.

Supreme Court

“I suggest them to choose a candidate, it is a good proposal,” said Milanović about his proposal for Judge Radovan Dobronić.

On the census

Commenting on the fact that after the online census, a paper with a census code must be given to census takers again, he said that it is naive to believe that everything online is completely credible. “In the end, if you want to have credible data, census takers must go out,” he believes.

Source: HRT

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