19:01 / 01.07.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Milanović criticizes government for failing to reign in fuel prices

Gas pump

Gas pump

Foto: Emica Elvedji / PIXSELL

According to initial reports, fuel prices in Croatia are expected to rise yet again on Tuesday of next week. Croatia, as with other countries in the west that have imposed sanctions on Russia, has seen fuel prices explode in recent months.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Zdravko Marić was in southern Dalmatia to view works on the Pelješac Bridge on Friday, where he was asked to comment on reports that fuel prices will go up yet again on Tuesday. The minister said that it remains to be seen whether or not government will intervene on the market again: “Over the weekend and by Monday at the latest, our analysis will give us clear data in terms of what kind of prices we can expect, and on the basis of that information we will inform the public as to whether or not we will intervene in the market again.”

President Zoran Milanović however, was critical of government's measures to mitigate the effects of rising fuel prices: “Government isn't considering anything, they're just copying what the Austrians are doing or waiting to be told what to do by the cabinet of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. That's it! What they could do, is forego excise taxes and fees on fuels, and suddenly the price of fuel would be two Lipa for an entire fuel truck. But then the state wouldn't have the money needed to fund its endless appetites.”

Meanwhile, the president of the association of small distributors in Croatia, Armando Miljavac, says that government's interventions on the fuel market will force hundreds of small gas stations out of business on Tuesday. Miljavac said that while he is in favour of government vouchers for the poorest members of society, government's decision to cap fuel prices without taking into consideration distributors pay suppliers, is untenable: “Fuels need to have a market price. There is no point in us subsidizing yachts on the coast, tourists who are visiting and other people who are doing very well financially.”

Source: HRT

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