22:11 / 30.06.2021.

Author: Katja Miličić

Investigators search properties of HRT’s chief executive

Police search home of HRT General Director Kazimir Bačić

Police search home of HRT General Director Kazimir Bačić

Foto: Igor Kralj / PIXSELL

The homes and offices of HRT’s General Director Kazimir Bačić were searched on Wednesday by police and anti-corruption investigators following his arrest along with a number of suspects who all had ties to the late Mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić. 

Police searched Bačić’s home in the capital’s elite Tuškanac neighborhood and his office at HRT’s headquarters. Although not officially confirmed, Bačić was arrested on suspicion of trading in influence. He allegedly received an apartment in Radićeva Street as a bribe from Milan Lončarić, a businessman who has also been arrested as part of the probe.

Interior Minister Davor Božinović did confirm that police were conducting a series of arrests on Wednesday but declined to provide any details, saying only that it showed police were committed to the fight against corruption.

As the chief executive of the public broadcaster, a position that is approved by Parliament, Bačić is subject to financial disclosure rules. In his filing, he lists having five apartments, three in Zagreb and one in Dubrovnik, three houses, an apartment on the coast, a commercial space in Dubrovnik, and a boat.

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