18:50 / 08.07.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Health Minister Beroš survives third no-confidence vote in parliament

HDZ MPs in Croatian Parliament

HDZ MPs in Croatian Parliament

Foto: Patrik Macek / PIXSELL

In parliament on Friday, Health Minister Vili Beroš survived a third vote of no-confidence. The motion was initiated by 32 opposition MPs citing accumulated problems in the healthcare sector and the deterioration of the healthcare system as a whole, as their reasons for filing the motion.

51 MPs voted to oust the minister, while 78 voted against. This is one more than the parliamentary majority of 77, with the one extra no-vote cast by MOST MP Nikola Grmoja by mistake. The rather comical situation was captured by Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković: "78 votes against, which means that the vote of no confidence in Health Minister Vili Beroš did not pass. Mr. Grmoja I know that you made a mistake. Is the HDZ to blame for this as well? The vote stands, you've stated your intended vote clearly and everyone understands that."

During the vote of no-confidence Minister Vili Beroš was in Supetar at the "Euro melanoma" public health campaign at the Health Ministry's reference center for melanoma on the island of Brač. Here’s how he commented on the motion to have him removed from office: "The no-confidence proposal against me as minister is comprised of eight items, which are an amalgamation of insinuations, constructs, half-truths or outright lies."

Source: HRT

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