18:22 / 30.06.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

HDZ and left-wing parties appear to be in agreement on proposed changes to the constitution

HDZ MP Branko Bačić

HDZ MP Branko Bačić

Foto: Patrik Macek / PIXSELL

It appears as though the HDZ continues to drift away from its traditional center-right position, having apparently alienated other politically conservative opposition parties with regard to changes to the Constitution related to the referendum, it appears certain now that the HDZ will not be able to count them to vote for the changes.

A second round of talks on amending the constitution in the text dealing with the holding of referendums were held in parliament on Thursday. With the two largest political parties, the HDZ and SDP, seemingly on common ground, it appears as though parliament could make a decision on amending the constitution by the summer break. The HDZ would then like to have a debate on the drafting of the changes in September, with a decision in late October or early November. This is the first of three steps in the complex process of amending the constitution, which ultimately will require a two-thirds majority, or 101 votes in parliament.

The Green-Left bloc in parliament support amending the constitution, but are calling for questions that cannot be taken to a referendum be defined in advance, so as to avoid every single referendum initiative being put before the Constitutional Court for an assessment of constitutionality. Meanwhile, the Homeland Movement has called for the amendments to make citizen's access to direct democracy easier, and not to given even greater powers to the Constitutional Court.

Meanwhile, the Croatian Sovereigntists Party withdrew from the negotiations, after being informed that the negotiations would only deal with the parts of the constitution dealing with referendums. The Sovereigntists are calling for a redefining of the status of the MPs representing national minorities, by which they would no longer represent the swing vote in the formation of a new majority in parliament and subsequently a new government. The only major political party that has opted against participating in the negotiations is MOST, as they feel that the issue should be decided on by citizens at a referendum, and not by politicians making backroom deals.

Source: HRT

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