16:40 / 14.02.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Government to present anti-inflation measures by mid-week

Government advisor Zvonimir Savić

Government advisor Zvonimir Savić

Foto: Luka Stanzl / PIXSELL

Inflation continues to be a problem for most Croatian households this winter. Government has announced a series of measures that are hoped will mitigate the negative consequences of inflation on the most vulnerable citizens. The package is expected to be presented to the public by mid-week.

Among the measures are an increase in the Kuna amount of vouchers for poorer citizens, which currently stand at 200 Kuna. The voucher program is also being expanded to include more low income citizens. Also included in the measures are reducing taxes on energy products, and reducing the profits of energy supplies in state ownership. Government has already temporarily capped fuel prices. Speaking for Croatian Radio today, government's advisor for the economy, Zvonimir Savić, said that government's measures will be among the most comprehensive in the entire European Union, adding that the measures will also provide aid to businesses.

However, Opposition parties feel that the measures are not only far from comprehensive, but also far too late in coming. SDP Party President Peđa Grbin: “There are no measures for pensioners, there is no discussion of changing the way in which Valued Added Tax on excise fees is calculated for energy products. And most importantly, nothing has been said about how we will address the second inflationary spike that will come when we adopt the Euro.”

Meanwhile, the Most Party announced today that it will launch of an interpellation into the work of the Government with regard to consumer protection in the face of rising energy prices. Most held a meeting with other opposition parties in parliament this morning to discuss the motion. Most MP Zvonimir Troskot said after the meeting that a series of opposition proposals had been brought to the table, but that a final conclusion has not yet reached: “We'll continue our talks, so that we can approach the public in a unified way when presenting our proposals. Especially given that it is clear that government has no plans on doing anything with regard to the issue of energy costs.”

The SDP says that Most's proposal needs fine tuning, while Sandra Benčić of the Možemo Party feels that launching an interpellation will take too long, and that citizens cannot wait any longer.

Source: HRT

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