18:40 / 12.10.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Gas and diesel prices increase to record levels

Gas station

Gas station

Foto: Marko Prpic / Pixsell

Gas and diesel prices in Croatia rose to record levels on Tuesday due to a rise in oil prices on world markets. 

The price of one litre of Eurosuper 95 increased by 0.26 kuna compared to last week - making the average tank of gas 13 kuna more expensive. The price of diesel, meanwhile, increased by 0.40 kuna - pushing up the price of a full tank by nearly twenty kuna.

The price of a litre of diesel at the pumps is now more expensive than Eurosuper 95 - at 11.40 and 11.35 kuna respectively.

Dragutin Kranjčec, president of the Croatian Transporters Association, said gas prices in Croatia were among the most expensive in Europe due to high taxes and excise duty, which account for 60 percent of the price at the pumps.

"The government is not giving up on its excise duty. Our gas prices and the cost of registering vehicles is higher than in neighbouring Slovenia. This, of course, makes us less competitive in our own country, let alone anywhere else," said Kranjčec.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said gas prices would be discussed on Wednesday at a meeting by the Economic and Social Council to see whether certain measures would be taken in order to prevent prices from rising any further.

"We'll discuss this with our social partners. We'll see how the situation develops and whether or not some kind of intervention is required. We have the tools to do this, and right now we're monitoring the situation very closely," said Plenković.

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