17:04 / 14.06.2022.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Former Petrinja Mayor Darinko Dumbović arrested for corruption

Darinko Dumbović (archive)

Darinko Dumbović (archive)

Foto: HTV / HRT

Former Petrinja Mayor, Darinko Dumbović, was arrested this morning in a police operation which involved searches at several locations in the area. He is charged with favoring his son in gaining business contracts with the city. 

Darinko Dumbović came into the spotlight after it was revealed that his son's company would also build replacement brick houses in Banovina after the devastating earthquake. According to information gained by Croatian Radio Television, Dumbović's son and his business partner were also arrested.

“Police investigations are underway; they are being conducted by the Sisak-Moslavina police department under an order from the Office for Prevention of Corruption and Organized Crime. Mr. Dumbović is accused of favoring his son Darko Dumbović during the time he was mayor of the city of Petrinja. The suspicion is that he helped in a certain manner for his son's company to gain some sort of lucrative jobs from the city of Petrinja. He will probably be detained at the Sisak police department today, and tonight or tomorrow, transferred to the Office for Prevention of Corruption and Organized Crime in Zagreb,” said Dumbović's lawyer, Dražen Ivanić.

The head of the Reformists Party Radimir Čačić, commented the issue today saying that no one can be a member of the party if they are guilty of corruption, adding that he is convinced Dumbović is innocent.

“Not a single official of ours can have our support if they are in any way guilty of corruptive acts. In this concrete case I am personally convinced and I sincerely hope that all of this will fall into the water. I am personally convinced that Mr. Dumbović is innocent, but the fact that I am convinced is no measure in any way. I clearly said that not a single official of ours can be a member of the party if they have any kind of proven guilt, like for example the case of corruption, which is an especially sensitive thing because public money is in question,” said Čačić.

Source: HRT

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