18:46 / 07.07.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

Former HDZ minister Tolušić arrested on the basis of an EPPO warrant

Police arrest former minister Tomislav Tolušić

Police arrest former minister Tomislav Tolušić

Foto: Dubravka Petric / PIXSELL

According to local media, the former minister is under investigation over EU-funds he received for his winery business after stepping down as regional development and EU funds minister in October of 2016, to assume the reigns at the agriculture ministry from 2016 to 2019. He is suspected of falsifying key details in at least two applications for EU funds totaling almost one million Euros. The local official who approved his applications was also arrested today.

Former deputy prime minister and minister in the Andrej Plenković government, Tomislav Tolušić, has been arrested on the basis of a warrant issued by the European Public Prosecutor's Office. According to a statement issued by the European Public Prosecutor's Office, the EPPO is conducting urgent evidence-collecting activities in cooperation with the Croatian USKOK anti-corruption agency. The EPPO noted that the investigation pertains to two people suspected of subsidy fraud and abuse of office and of authority regarding two tenders in the winemaking sector that were co-funded by the European Union.

The opposition wasted no time in linking Tolušić to Prime Minister Plenković and the HDZ. MOST MP Marija Selak Raspudić: “I'm sure they sighed with relief today, because currently it's a success for the HDZ when a former minister is arrested and not an incumbent one, because then they at least don't have to search for a replacement.”

“I think it's high time to say no to Plenković's criminal regime. Once I compared him to Sanader, but today I think Sanader is baby in comparison,” SDP MP Mirela Ahmetović added.

Tolušić is also allegedly the subject of another probe regarding the awarding of EU incentives launched in February following the arrest of two other former members of the Plenković government, former Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets minister Darko Horvat, also from the HDZ, and former deputy prime minister for social affairs and minority rights, Boris Milošević, who is a member of the ethnic Serb party the SDSS. Milošević gave his testimony to USKOK investigators today, where he denied any wrong-doing.

Source: HRT

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