19:55 / 18.06.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Foreign ministry warns against false info from Russian Defence Ministry



Foto: Kotenko Yevhen / Ukrinform/ABACA

The Russian Defence Ministry said on Friday that 74 Croatian "mercenaries" fighting on the side of Ukrainian forces had been killed, to which the Croatian Foreign Ministry said that it did not have information on the allegations and warned against spreading unverified information.

In added that its statement was corroborated by the fact that the Croatian Embassy in Ukraine had not issued any document for the transfer of a deceased person's remains to Croatia since the start of the Russian aggression on Ukraine.

"We, therefore, warn against the dissemination of unverified information of a sensitive nature," the Croatian ministry said.

"Regarding the news that began to spread in our media about a significant number of Croatian citizens killed or fleeing the fighting in Ukraine, I can only say that we know nothing about it. It is very likely that they themselves, if possible, or members of their families would contact our embassy, which is obliged to take care of Croatian citizens in Ukraine. And since that has not been the case, I can only conclude that these claims are false," said Croatian Ambassador to Ukraine Anica Djamić.

The Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation on Friday published a table with the alleged number of foreign "mercenaries" killed while fighting on the Ukrainian side against Russian attackers.

Moscow claims that 74 of a total of 204 Croatians have been killed. It also claims that 51 Croatians have left Ukraine and that currently, 79 Croatian nationals are fighting on the Ukrainian side.

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