18:42 / 14.01.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Foreign minister attends informal Gymnich 2022 meeting in France



Foto: Ye Pingfan / Pixsell

Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan Grlić Radman on Thursday and Friday attended an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers (Gymnich), organised in Brest by the French Presidency of the Council of the EU.

According to the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the meeting opened with a debate by foreign and defence ministers on a revised draft of the EU Strategic Compass.

"We welcome the global ambition of this document as well as the fact that it underlines the EU's role in the Western Balkans. We also mentioned the importance of the partnership with the USA and NATO," said Grlić Radman.

The ministers also discussed the situation in the EU's eastern frontier and possible responses to short and long-term challenges in that region.

He underlined the importance of bilateral contacts with Russia, noting that he would use his coming visit to Moscow to advocate efforts to calm tensions, promote dialogue and convey the EU's common position.

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