16:40 / 23.01.2022.

Author: Domagoj Ferenčić

EU foreign ministers to discuss security and energy issues on Monday

EU flags

EU flags


On Monday EU foreign ministers will be joined by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken via video link to discuss the security crisis in Europe, specifically, with regard to the developing situation between Russia and Ukraine.

Representing Croatia at the meeting will be Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan Grlić Radman. Grlić Radman recently travelled to Moscow, where he met with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. Interestingly, Lavrov thanked the minister for Croatia’s commitment to resolving tensions between Russia and the European Union through dialogue.

Russia has deployed about 100 000 troops on the border with Ukraine. Western leaders say this is a prelude to a possible invasion of Ukraine. Moscow has denied these claims, and is instead calling on the West to provide security guarantees, primarily that NATO not to accept Ukraine into its membership and the withdrawal of allied forces from the NATO's eastern member states.

Also in Brussels next week, the European Commission is expected to adopt the final text of the taxonomy regulation next week, which would treat nuclear energy and natural gas as green sources of energy during a transitional period. The Commission sent the draft regulation to member states on December 31st of 2021. The proposal can be stopped, but only if a qualified majority votes against it, which most see as highly unlikely. This decision is viewed as one of the most far-reaching of the year, as it would define investments in nuclear energy and natural gas as green under certain conditions. This is important as projects that meet taxonomy criteria will have more favorable financial conditions.

Source: HRT

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