18:21 / 11.01.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Defence Minister visits Croatian troops in Poland

Defence Minister Mario Banožić

Defence Minister Mario Banožić


Defence Minister Mario Banožić is on day-two of his official visit to Poland where he met with members of the 8th contingent of the Croatian Army participating in a multinational NATO support mission near the border with Russia. 

"Our mission here has involved training exercises with our allies that are meant to achieve full interoperability within our battle group. We have definitely succeeded in this regard through the five main military training exercises," said Captain Dario Bilješković.

US Army Captain Byron Adams said the Croatians were among the very best NATO allies he's ever trained with.

"Since 2017 we have contributed 635 soldiers. These 80 soldiers here now are slowly getting ready to go back home. We have proven ourselves capable over the past few years, therefore our allies and partners which are part of these battle groups can rely on us in 2023 as well when we will come with a new weapons system - the Panzer Howitzer 2000," explained Minister Banožić.

Serving alongside the U.S., British, Romanian and Polish Allies, the Croatian Army contingent constitutes an integral part of NATO's enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Poland.

Since July last year, the 8th Croatian contingent has participated in multiple Allied exercises across Poland.

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