22:53 / 03.03.2022.

Author: Katja Miličić

Croatian military attaché refuses Moscow’s note alleging Croatians fighting in Ukraine

Defense Minister Mario Banožić

Defense Minister Mario Banožić

Foto: Tomislav Miletić / PIXSELL

Russia's Ministry of Defense tried unsuccessfully to deliver an “official note” to Croatia’s military attaché in Moscow because Russia believes Croatian nationals are fighting in Ukraine, Croatia’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

Croatia’s Defense Ministry said that on Wednesday the Croatian attaché was summoned to the Ministry of Defense where officials conveyed “concern about alleged reports that there are Croatian nationals in Ukraine who are fighting there”.

The Croatian military envoy told Russian officials that the Croatian Ministry of Defense had no such information and that no other institution in the Republic of Croatia had anything to do with individuals who may be there, the Ministry said.

The attaché was again summoned on Thursday for talks at the Ministry of Defense in Moscow where the same allegations were made but this time officials tried to hand him an “official note”.

The Croatian envoy refused to accept the note on the grounds that the information on the possible participation of Croatian nationals in the fighting in Ukraine was not known to Croatian institutions and that even if it were, it had nothing to do with Croatian institutions, least of all the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry said, adding that Croatia condemns Russia’s aggression on Ukraine.

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