16:04 / 26.03.2023.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Croatia and Wales finish in a stalemate

Euro 2024 Qualifications

Euro 2024 Qualifications

Foto: Matija Habljak / Pixsell

Croatia opened the EURO 2024 qualifiers with a devastating 1:1 draw against Wales despite the home-team atmosphere in Split and more than 33,000 loyal fans. 

The game on Saturday night was Croatia's first appearance in international play after the magnificent bronze medal result at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The great atmosphere at Poljud stadium got off to a roaring start more than two hours before kickoff thanks to a rich entertainment program organized by the Croatian Football Federation.

Striker Andrej Kramarić put Croatia ahead after less than thirty minutes of play with a brilliant shot from the top of the box.

Despite clearly dominating Wales for the entirety of the game, a momentary lapse in the 93rd minute - with only seconds left on the clock - the Welsh side put in a goal to level the final score at one goal a piece.

Croatia must now accept the fact that they missed an opportunity to take away two crucial points, and will now have to settle for a split.

Manager Zlatko Dalić had this to say following the match that it was "a shocking end to the game".

"It was a real shock to concede a goal in the final seconds of the game. We had complete domination and control over the entire game. We simply didn't get the second goal that we needed. In the end, I don't know things will go or how many points we will finish with. We are unsure if we will be first or second in the group or if will we advance," said Dalić.

In only two days' time Croatia will visit Turkey where they will continue their qualifications for the 2024 European Championships.

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