19:49 / 29.04.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Croatia among EU leaders in unemployment last year



Foto: Igor Soban / Pixsell

In 2021 Croatia was among the EU countries with the lowest levels of employment, below the European average, a report by the Eurostat statistical office indicates.

In 2021, the share of employed people in the EU was 73.1%, corresponding to 189.7 million people, up 1.4 percentage points from 2020, the first pandemic year, Eurostat said.

This was a higher rate than for the pre-pandemic year 2019, when 72.7% of the population was employed. Meanwhile, the employment rate in the eurozone in 2021 was 72.5%, the same as in 2019. In 2020 it was 71.2%.

The highest level of employment in 2021 was registered in the Netherlands, Sweden and the Czech Republic, which had employment rates of 81.7%, 80.8% and 80% respectively.

Employment rates of below 70% were registered in Croatia, Spain, Romania, Italy and Greece.

The majority of EU member states (16) in 2021 achieved or surpassed their 2019 employment rates, with Poland reporting the best result (+3.1 pp).

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