18:07 / 08.02.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Central Bank to accept new designs for the 1 euro coin

Euro coin

Euro coin

Foto: Igor Kralj / Pixsell

The Croatian National Bank (HNB) said on Tuesday that in the coming days its Currency Committee would invite new proposals for the design of the national side of the one-euro coin with the marten as the motif.

The HNB said that late on February 6th, the Currency Committee, as the expert body of the HNB Council in charge of the competition for the designs of the national side of euro coins, received a statement from Stjepan Pranjković whereby he withdrew his design for the marten motif and waived all rights stemming from having participated in the competition.

Today, the Currency Committee accepted Pranjković's decision and, in order to eliminate any further uncertainty, suspicion or doubt concerning the selection of the design for the marten motif, decided to invite new proposals for the design.

The Central Bank said that during the competition all authors were required to sign statements whereby they confirmed that their designs were original intellectual creations made solely for the needs of the competition.

The selected designs for the set of new coins were presented last Friday, including the coin in question. Shortly thereafter, media reported that his design was almost identical to a marten photo by Scottish photographer Ian H. Leach, which raised the question of intellectual property infringement.

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