18:25 / 12.04.2022.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Caritas Croatia sends eighth aid package to Ukraine

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid

Foto: Robert Anic / Pixsell

The Caritas charity of the Zagreb Archdiocese dispatched two more trucks full of humanitarian aid to war-torn Ukraine on Tuesday, whereby the total value of aid shipments by the national Caritas organisation exceeded 3 million kuna.

The two trucks carried 25 tonnes of food and basic hygiene products to the western Ukrainian city of Mukachevo where the partner organisation, Caritas Spes, has a distribution centre.

A total of 116 tonnes of humanitarian aid, worth over HRK 3 million, has been sent to Ukraine to date, the deputy director of Caritas Croatia, Suzana Borko, said, announcing an additional shipment for Thursday.

"Another truck leaves on Thursday, straight for Kyiv. We hope it gets there on Saturday, the day before Easter," she said.

Borko extended condolences to the families of the Ukrainian Caritas Spes staff killed in a Russian artillery attack on Mariupol on Monday night. Two Caritas Spes workers and five people who found shelter at the local Caritas distribution centre were killed.

There are currently 13,700 Ukrainian refugees residing in Croatia.

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