20:37 / 11.12.2021.

Author: Nikola Badovinac

Brijuni National Park gets prestigious Blue Park Gold Award

Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park

Foto: Srecko Niketic / Pixsell

The Blue Park awards are given in recognition of efforts made by countries - managers of marine protected areas (MPAs) and local communities to preserve marine eco-systems, and they promote those protected areas and their rich marine world.

The Brijuni National Park has thus joined a growing worldwide network of 21 areas with the Blue Park status, designed to conserve and regenerate ocean biodiversity.

“It is a great honour to receive the Blue Parks Award that puts MPAs in the spotlight, their achievements on the ground and encourage them to become even more effective in ocean conservation. This award goes to our staff, communities, partners and stakeholders that make the positive changes possible,” said Marno Milotić, Brijuni National Park acting general manager.

Dr Lance Morgan, Marine Conservation Institute President, said that the new areas with the Blue Park designation would help improve the protection of the most important marine areas.

The Brijuni National Park is a perfect example of an important and biologically very diverse area to protect, especially as it contributes to resilience to climate change and protects a number of endangered species of turtles, sea mammals and important birds, he said.

The healthy ecosystems of Brijuni are home to a rich marine world that is managed and supervised by the park’s expert staff and their partners. Particularly important is the strategy of sustainable financing of MPAs. As one of the few MPAs that are financially independent, Brijuni raises significant funds for nature conservation - from visitor fees to fees from tourism activities.

Located in the northern Adriatic off the Croatian peninsula of Istria, Brijuni covers an area of 26.5 square kilometres with about 14 uninhabited islands and is a protected area.

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