19:12 / 08.10.2021.

Author: Branko Lozančić

Božinović confirmed that police beat migrants: That is unacceptable behavior

Interior Minister Davor Božinović

Interior Minister Davor Božinović

Foto: HTV / HRT

The masked people in the video who are beating and forcibly expelling migrants from the Croatian border - they are police officers - confirmed Interior Minister Davor Božinović.

“The Chief Director, on the first day as soon as he saw some of these recordings, convened an expert team that worked very intensively. As far as I know at the moment, they have determined that they are police officers. However, this is now going according to a regulated procedure so I don't know when someone from the police directorate will come out with more details, said Davor Božinović in Luxembourg.

The Minister said that it was certainly a question of individual violations by several police officers.

“It is certain that all procedures will now provide answers to the questions we are interested in,” he added.

Božinović said such behavior was unacceptable.

“If what we are talking about is proven in a legal procedure, it is in any case unacceptable behavior, but I would not link it exclusively to the suppression of illegal migration. That is unacceptable behavior of a police officer in any situation, whether at a stadium or some other intervention,” he said.

He pointed out that in any police force in the world, it can happen that someone exceeds their authority. “If it is determined in this case that it happened,” said Božinović, sanctions will follow.

He confirmed that things concerning Schengen were going well.

“Croatia has completed the most demanding negotiations for joining Schengen so far, the Croatian police have shown their readiness in all aspects of their work, and they have passed a strict evaluation of the protection of external borders,” said the minister.

Asked when it the issue can be expected to be before the Council, Božinović said he would not specify a date at this time.

"We are looking to make it as soon as possible," he said.

Speaking about illegal migration, Božinović stated that no EU member state can deal with it alone.

“Cooperation should be established with third countries as well. Such events as the explosion in the mosque will surely encourage some people to leave Afghanistan,” he pointed out.

Božinović again referred to the disputed video and stated that all regulations that exist in the system will be applied.

“Our bodies will carry out everything that is needed, that includes statements of police officers and we will see what they will say,” said the minister.

Journalists also asked him about some countries' request for physical barriers at the borders.

“This is a complex issue and there are different positions of member states. Everyone sees their interest here ... Croatia is not the one that advocates the erection of not only walls but also wires,” he said.

Source: HRT

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