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Author: Natali Tabak Gregorić

Dana Jungbluth: Croatia – A Feeling of Life

Dana Jungbluth (photo: private archive)

Dana Jungbluth (photo: private archive)

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Dana Jungbluth is a young German journalist and writer who, as of September, is a blogger for the Voice of Croatia/die Stimme Kroatiens.

"Sun, beaches and the sea are not the only things that make Croatia. Many associate their own origins, family and friends with this popular holiday country. Many people, their history and values make this country what it is: a sense of life, considered here with some distance from a German viewing angle.” So, in her introduction Dana described her blog as "Croatia - A Feeling of Life."

Mrs. Jungbluth, how and when did you discover your love for writing at all?

I've actually been writing ever since I knew about myself. Writing has followed me all my life. I wrote poems, little stories, kept diaries. But I never made it my profession. It is always imposed on you in life that you follow the proper path, not the tortuous one, inherent in artists. But even when I was working in my profession, writing always followed me, until my second maternity leave, which I am still in, I really didn't decide to make writing my job. That's why I'm very happy.

You have already published several books. Can you tell us more about that?

I have published two books in the last two years. It's about a collection of my poems. One is called "Poetry and Aphorisms - From the Soul," and the other is "Poetry and Aphorisms - From Children's Hearts," where I mainly focus on the children's perspective of looking at the world, as children's eyes often open their eyes to important things in life. I am currently working on the third volume in this series and on one small guide through Croatia.

Your lyrics and songs reflect your affection for Croatia. Can you tell us a bit about how Croatia, as you say, has become your favorite country?

I have been in private contact with Croats for about 20 years. I was in Croatia for the first time fifteen years ago and I have fallen in love with this country since the first hour. I traveled to that country without any expectations, but as soon as I landed in the bustle of this country it sucked me in and I fell in love with it. It really fascinated me - most of all people. Something very special has happened to me, and in my texts I try to get to the heart of it. I was literally overwhelmed by the love for that country.

You have become a blogger for the Voice of Croatia, or die Stimme Kroatiens. This will certainly be a new challenge for you. What you want to tell our listeners from Germany is obvious. But…. Is there any message you would like to send to Croats?

With my blog I would like to think about the country and the people, peculiarities and specialties of Croatia, with a sometimes necessary distance, namely from the German point of view. I am German and therefore feel very honored to have the opportunity to express my own thoughts about this beautiful country and its wonderful people. Another perspective is often not bad. I think this applies to all areas of life. So I hope to be able to open people’s eyes and maybe sensitize things a little bit here and there. I always like to observe the details in my life, and I want to underline them with my thoughts. There will be some provocation here and there. I don't want to rule that out. But I also want readers to keep in mind: I very much love and appreciate Croatia and its people, and I think this should come to light in my blog.

We look forward to your first blog titled "Longing for distance is my longing for the homeland". Is there anything else you would like to say in advance to our readers in Croatian?

I understand a lot, but I don’t speak well ... I can formulate a few things. But of course, nothing spontaneous at this point comes to my mind. "I love Croatia!" I can say this and I will definitely say it through my blog, and I will also be happy for the feedback I will receive through social networks. It will also make me happy to stimulate people for discussion.

Dear Mrs. Jungbluth, We look forward to working with you and thank you for talking with us.

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