(Photo: Tomislav Miletic/PIXSELL) (Photo: Tomislav Miletic/PIXSELL)

Police said they have arrested 18 people and are searching for the remaining participants in the scuffle.

“This incident was quickly stopped from escalating further by the swift and effective actions of police,” said Dragoslav Živković, spokesperson for the Vukovar-Srijem County Police.  He added that the police would respond “vigorously and decisively” to any kind of violence in order to protect the public 

President Zoran Milanović said the incident was indicative of heightened tensions running through the community.

“We have a generation of people, notably young men, who have been heavily indoctrinated by both sides as they were being brought up. The perpetrators should be punished. This is indicative of the situation, which is not normal,” Milanović said.

He said that he was not familiar with the details of this incident but did note that tensions between the Serb and Croat population in Vukovar had deteriorated in recent years. He said one reason was the dispute over the official use of Cyrillic script on public signs.