(Photo: Tomislav Zalović) (Photo: Tomislav Zalović)

Ciprian Tudosa and Marius-Vasile Cozmiuc of Romania won the gold, with a time of 6:26.520 minutes, followed by the Sinković brothers (6:29.460), while Giuseppe Vicino and Matteo Lodo of Italy (6:30.550) won the bronze.

Both Valent and Martin were gracious in defeat, giving some much deserved credit to the Romanians. At the same time, Valent said they knew exactly where their weak points were today and vowed to work on them in order to be better next year.

"It was a strange year for everyone, but we are on the right path for the Olympics," added Valent.

"Like my brother said, it has been a difficult and unpredictable year for everyone, but I'm glad we participated in the European Championships. The Romanian team was great today and we take our hats off to them," said Martin.

Croatian brothers Valent and Martin Sinković took the silver medal at the European Rowing Championships in Poznan, Poland, earlier this afternoon in the coxless pair event. As a team, the Sinković brothers have won 10 medals at the biggest competitions to date - including one Olympic gold, four golds and one silver at the World Championships, and three golds and one silver at the European Championships.

Source: HRT