Dina Levačić (Photo: Miranda Cikotic/PIXSELL) Dina Levačić (Photo: Miranda Cikotic/PIXSELL)

Levačić began her latest challenge from the island of Honshu at midnight, local time, and swam the straight separating the Sea of Japan with the Pacific Ocean in seven hours, thirteen minutes and fifteen seconds.

"During the first few hours there were some medium sized waves," she said, "but as I moved on into more open water the waves got bigger and were coming in from all angles, so that was difficult," said Levačić after her successful swim.

According to her team, Levačić became just the sixty-seventh person in the world to swim this strait.

The best Croatian swimmer has so far conquered four out of the top seven long-distance swimming challenges in the world.

Levačić has swum the Catalina Channel, the English Channel, the Molokai Channel, and the Tsugaru Strait.

Source: HRT