Blanka Vlašić (Photo: HRT) Blanka Vlašić (Photo: HRT)

She will also be remembered for Olympic silver and bronze medals in Beijing and Rio, as well as a personal record of 208 centimeters, which is the second best result of all time.

“My decision did not happen today or yesterday. It was just published today. I have known for months that my career is over. The decision had to happen in silence. I had to somehow let it all settle down, before I went public. I have been living with it for months and what was really most important to me was that it came without any pressure, to be mine, to be in peace. From the moment I decided to stop jumping, I didn’t turn around once. So, it came at the right time,” said Blanka Vlašić.

She said she is thinking about and planning some things for the future, but does not want to publicly state something that has not yet been realized.

“I will definitely not sit in the house and wait for life to pass. An athlete is lucky to be able to have more than one career in life and now is my chance to design my life after sports. I will definitely stay attached to sports. I am proud and happy of my career,” said Vlašić.

Source: HRT