Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava (Photo: HRT) Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava (Photo: HRT)

He declined to comment for reporters whether or not there will be a new protest in Vukovar on the anniversary of the protest against unprocessed war crimes, he also said that his relationship with the Prime Minister is more than good.

“As far as my post on social networks is concerned it very precisely hits the essence of things and it is very clear and unambiguous, exactly as it should be. That is all I can say about this issue, because it was formulated so that it can't be manipulated or portrayed in a different way. That is the point of it all and I don't have anything else to say about the issue. As far as the protest is concerned we will communicate this when the time comes, we will inform you on time so you have full information on what will happen and how. As far as my relationship with the Prime Minister is concerned and internal party issues, you will have to allow us to resolve this within the party, I too will then know what to tell you about that issue,” said Ivan Penava.

Source: HRT