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Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava attended the unveiling of the street sign on Friday with Bratislava Municipal Mayor Darius Krajcir, a member of the Croatian minority in Slovakia. Krajcir, who initiated the move, called it a mark of true respect and friendship.

The street is located in the borough of Devinska Nova Ves, and the street nameplate was formally unveiled on Friday, according to the Central State Office for Croats Abroad.

"Bratislava and Vukovar are connected by the Danube River. Vukovar is a symbol of all Croats in the world, and this act is a mark of true respect and friendship for this heroic town," Krajcir said.

He said that Devinska Nova Ves has been populated by Croats through history and was earlier called Chorvatska (Croatian) Nova Ves.

For his part, Penava said he was proud that a street in Slovakia would bear the name of the heroic Croatian town.

"This act speaks of Croats who came here about 500 years ago and managed to preserve their language and culture and their awareness of their Croatian roots, the Homeland War, the symbolism and strength of Vukovar and its meaning for the entire Croatian people," said Penava.

Source: HINA