Andrej Plenković gives his victory speech (Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL) Andrej Plenković gives his victory speech (Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL)

The HDZ did better than had been expected on the basis of recent polling, while the results were a massive loss for the left-of-center SDP, where the future of its leader, Davor Bernardić, is in serious question.

Miroslav Škoro’s Homeland Movement won 15 seats and Most did well with 8 seats. The big surprise was the success of the leftist-green coalition Možemo!, particularly in the capital, which is poised to take 6 seats. The SSIP with a name that is difficult to translate, the Party with a First and Last Name, along with allies Pametno and Fokus has taken 2 seats and the People’s Party is left with only 1 seat in the chamber.

Andrej Plenković appears poised for another term as prime minister.

“A victory like this for the HDZ is not only a big victory but a big responsibility. It is binding, because we had a difficult term with lots of challenges and it looks like the challenges ahead will be even greater. These circumstances call for hard work, energy, enthusiasm, sacrifice, responsibility, knowledge, and experience. This kind of support from voters is massive for us,” said Plenković in his victory speech.

SDP leader Davor Bernardić thanked supporters and said he was prepared to step down, but that the issue would be discussed by the party leadership on Monday.

“We have been the defenders of personal freedoms, the defenders of the rights of workers, pensioners, and all those who have been oppressed and repressed and we will continue that fight because that's the country we believe in, an open, modern, tolerant country, where everyone deserves an equal chance, equal protection under the law, and to feel equally safe. This is a bad result, of course. I am not running from responsibility and I am ready to step down,” Bernardić said.

Miroslav Škoro told his supporters he was very pleased with the success of the Homeland Movement, which has managed to finish third in these elections only a few months after it was formed.

“One must be realistic in politics. I think that so far these 15 seats are a good indicator that we are going in the right direction and that the voters have recognized that. We are at a crossroads. The Croatian Parliament will never be the same again. They will hear many more different opinions,” he added.

Tomislav Tomasevic of Možemo! said they had united a platform that could to finally give voters a green and left option for the 21st century.

“An option that will fight for social justice, environmental sustainability, democratization of society and gender equality,” said Tomašević.

Most has been in parliament for four years, but leader Božo Petrov said their time was now coming. He promised voters to continue to fight an impartial judiciary, a country where one could survive from one's hard work and for a fairer electoral system.

“I think we have proven ourselves with our work over the years. Our time is coming,” concluded Petrov.