Union leader Krešimir Sever (Photo: screenshot/HRT) Union leader Krešimir Sever (Photo: screenshot/HRT)

Since Labor Minister Marko Pavić did not listen to them on his own and resign, the unions have called upon the prime minister to urgently relieve him of duty for what they called "cheating the people and spending public money for an anti-campaign."

“The request very clearly asks the Prime Minister to relieve Minister of Labor and the Pension System Pavić of duty because he cheated the people and in doing so he abused use of money from the state budget for an anti-campaign against the “67 is too much” initiative,” said union leader Krešimir Sever.

“The search for mutual solutions should never stop. It is in the interest of all citizens of the Republic of Croatia for social dialog not to stop because there is no alternative,” said Ivan Mišetić, the President of the Social-Economic Council, after unions said they are cancelling their agreement on the council.

The Head Director of the Croatian Employers’ Association Davor Majetić said that his association advocates improving social dialog, but in order for dialog to be improved you need to talk.

“We do not consider halting the work of the Social-Economic Council as a place that is crucial for social dialog to be a move that is in the interest of social partners and citizens,” said Majetić.

Source: HRT