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The party suffered a massive loss at the recent parliamentary elections, forcing Davor Bernardić to step down as SDP president

Contrary to announcements, Bernardić briefly showed up at the start of the meeting to greet the members of the main committee and thank them for their campaign efforts and the confidence they had placed in him over the last four years.

"I believe that social democracy is the best form of government, and I want you to know that I am here with you. The SDP is moving on, it has a future and let's all make an effort so that it has a good future," Bernardić said.

"The thing that I learned during my time in politics - despite the fact that politics can sometimes be dirty and unfair - is to not compromise your values. Because, in life, you can choose to be a man of your word or a man who seeks success at all costs. If you choose to be a man of your word, I am absolutely certain that success in life will not be lacking," he concluded.

The SDP presidency decided on Friday to call an election for the president, presidency and main committee for September 26. The decision will take effect on August 17, after which candidates will have 15 days to submit their candidacies. Those running for president are required to collect at least 500 signatures from SDP members in support of their bid.

Peđa Grbin welcomed the decision to hold elections as soon as possible. He also said the SDP was in trouble and that party must start solving its problems immediately.

Source: HRT