SDP leader Davor Bernardić (Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL) SDP leader Davor Bernardić (Photo: Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL)

The majority of the amendments have already been rejected by the parliamentary majority. SDP leader Davor Bernardić had some harsh words for the government. "It is obvious that the goal of the Plenković government, just like the Sanader government, is to create the conditions necessary for the Hungarians to assume complete control over INA, which I consider a betrayal of Croatia's national interests. How do you feel about the fact that hundreds of INA's workers will lose their jobs? I'm asking you. Can you sleep at night?"

MOST MP Miro Bulj called on government to withdraw the proposed legislation. "You have to withdraw this law, because it is the death certificate of our strongest company. You are handing it over to the Hungarians based on an under the table deal between Plenković and Orban. Someone has to be held accountable for this pillage."

"We're going to vote this bill into law tomorrow and the Sanader trial is still in court. Which means that if the indictment against him is correct, former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader fooled the Hungarians into giving him a bribe, because with this law they will get INA anyways," added independent MP Tomislav Žagar.

Source: HRT