SDP's Gordan Maras in parliament this morning (Photo HRT) SDP's Gordan Maras in parliament this morning (Photo HRT)

After Wednesday's establishment of the parliament's investigative commission for Agrokor, which must complete its work within 6 months, the Social Democratic Party MP Orsat Miljenić was appointed to chair the commission. He said that in spite of the fact that it would only officially begin work on October 30th, an initial meeting would be held today. However, a heated debate erupted in parliament this morning as the SDP's Gordan Maras and the HDZ's Branko Bačić discussed their differing views on how the commission should operate and who should be the main focus of the investigation.

“We demand that Ivica Todorić be called in and if it is in the HDZ's interest for all sides to be heard, they should propose that on the same day statements be given by Ramljak, Dalić and Marić. We will not oppose this. The main demand that the SDP is making is that Ivica Todorić appears on October 30th in parliament and gives his statement at the commission's session as a witness in the Agrokor case, so that the Croatian public can finally learn, after months of wrangling between Todorić and the HDZ, the truth as to what actually happened,” said Gordan Maras.

The HDZ's Branko Bačić retorted that the SDP was just trying everything to conceal its role in Agrokor's business operations over the years and Gordan Maras's role in particular.

Source: HRT