Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on the island of Hvar (Photo: HRT) Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on the island of Hvar (Photo: HRT)

On Friday Prime Minister Andrej Plenković supported demographic measures being conducted in Stari Grad on Hvar, noting that toward Croatian islands in practice, a principle of Christian solidarity should be implemented, such as what Saint Roch did, the patron saint of the city on the island of Hvar.

“Following the ideals of Saint Roch who was born in Montpellier, who was the patron saint protecting from plague and cholera, a man who demonstrated what Christian solidarity means in practice because he always helped those that were threatened, poor and sick, I believe that on the island in particular we must have that Christian principle of solidarity in mind and implement it,” said Plenković.

At a ceremonial session of the city council marking the Day of Stari Grad and the feast of Saint Roch he supported demographic measures being implemented by local authorities.

“We support measures related to demographic revitalization, where in Stari Grad 5 000 kuna are allocated for a first born child, 10 000 for a second and even 70 000 for a third. Meaning we are taking into account what the local community has to add to all measures we are implementing at the national level,” said the Prime Minister.

He expects investments into the Helios Hotels company to provide better quality accommodation in the city, which will thus become a stronger and more attractive tourist destination, while he also believe that nautical tourism will be improved and revenues increase.

Stari Grad Mayor Antonio Škarpa said that resolving the problem of waste management is very important to the city, noting that the process of adapting the existing dump will not be simple.

He boasted that the city had a record budget last year of 31 million kuna in comparison to earlier budgets that ranged in average between 17 and 20 million kuna. He also pointed out that Stari Grad is among the ten cities in Croatia that uses money from European Union funds most successfully.

“This is a city with a great history, there are 24 centuries behind us, centuries of work, culture, identity, faith and everything that our numerous ancestors from Hvar wove so that all of us with roots from Hvar can be proud of them,” said Plenković.

“Systematic dialogue with prefects, city associations and municipal associations has contributed to better understanding of what is important at the local level, but also in determining priorities,” said the Prime Minister.

Source: HRT