Prime Minister Andrej Plenković (Photo: HRT) Prime Minister Andrej Plenković (Photo: HRT)

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković pointed the finger at the Homeland Movement and the MOST party for the spread of an atmosphere of hatred and intolerance. He called the president of the Homeland Movement Miroslav Škoro "a clown, who would have been better off if he had stayed on the stage". He also accused a part of the media, namely the Hrvatski tjednik magazine and the Bujica show, of spreading hatred and intolerance.

Plenković accused President Zoran Milanović of starting a negative campaign against him," who sowed seeds of hatred against me with his statements in the election campaign”.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that he expects the criminal investigation to determine who all the people are that influenced the perpetrator of the horrible crime in St. Mark’s Square in Zagreb.

“He could not, at his age and with his life path, just decide on such an event. This is an unprecedented situation and it is worrying. The question is how many more such young people are there who are under a similar influence. That’s why we’re going to go to the nests of hate speech,” he said.

“Every day I will talk about this problem and call out those who contributed to something like this happening on Monday. The young man could not do that on his own, in any way or for any reason,” said Plenković.

He also said that he saw that after his press conference, there were reactions from some parties.

“They obviously recognized themselves in what I was saying. Those who incited, those who advocate hate speech, recognized themselves. I am thinking specifically of the Homeland Movement and all its factions. The Croatian public should be reminded, it was they, if you remember in the election campaign, who came up with the thesis, together with the MOST party - cooperation with the Croatian Democratic Union YES, but with Andrej Plenković as Prime Minister and President of the Croatian Democratic Union NO. Obviously, their inflammatory messages that they release to the public through various media, shows, and I mean the Bujica show and the Hrvatski tjednik magazine as two glaring examples of the spread of hate speech, which have been directed at me all these years, that encouraged the young man who was surrounded with such an atmosphere, to commit an attempted murder with terrorist elements against the Government building. This is an unprecedented event,” pointed out Plenković.

He also said that he knows well how to fight politically against those who spread hatred and intolerance. “That is why I marked them even before the elections as not being possible partners for cooperation,” said Plenković.

“The shooting did not happen in a municipality, somewhere along the way or after an argument at a football match. The shooting came in front of the Croatian government building. This is very important. It had intent and was premeditated,” said the Prime Minister.

Speaking about those that he claims spread hate speech, he said that they obviously do not like the policy of stability and economic recovery.

Source: HRT