(Photo: HRT) (Photo: HRT)

The HDZ held a meeting of the party's presidency, National Council, and Central Committee on Monday to discussions the recent parliamentary elections and how the new government would look once the official results are presented on Thursday.

"The government will be somewhat smaller than it was. It will be functional, some of the current members in government will remain, others will be in parliament. Some new people will join too," Plenković said ahead of the meeting.

He confirmed that the environment and energy sector may be merged with some other ministry. He underlined that talks were still underway in that regard. However, the issue of climate change would not be neglected and would become the number one issue in the context of economic recovery.

"There will be fewer ministries but that does not mean that public servants will lose their jobs. This is a different type of message of a fewer number of ministries and fewer members of the government," said Plenković.

Also, Krunoslav Katičić was named Secretary General of the HDZ at Monday's meeting, replacing Gordan Jandroković.

Source: HRT