(Photo: Mike Segar/REUTERS) (Photo: Mike Segar/REUTERS)

"Today we live in a much different world than 75 years ago. The technological revolution changed and improved our lives beyond comparison. Yet the scourge that plagued the world in the autumn of 1945, the hunger and poverty, the disease and refugees, still burdens parts of our planet," the prime minister said in a video message.

At the same time, Plenković said "unprecedented progress has been achieved in the past 75 years."

But the world is facing new challenges and it is necessary to revitalise the UN, he said, calling this year's General Assembly session a springboard for change.

"We must make the United Nations fit for the 21st century. Croatia is a strong supporter of UN reforms aimed at strengthening our organization and forging multilateralism. The revitalisation of the United Nations's work has to go beyond the General Assembly. Reform of the Security Council is long overdue. Our historical anniversary should also be an occasion for revisiting the UN Charter to meet the needs and realities of the new era," he said.

Plenković also called for combating climate change, calling it one of the pivotal fields for the future of humanity and a fight the world cannot afford to lose.

Croatia joined the UN - which currently has 193 member states - on May 22nd, 1992.

Source: HRT